Welcome to my nook on the blogosphere!

Chances are bright that you’ve visited this blog before. …I’ve been blogging here for quite some time by now. Have completed 12 years of blogging here! (On 03 Jan. 2020, to be precise.) On that occasion, I implemented this page.

…Here is  a description of the menu-links:

Clicking on…

  • “The less transient…” [^] leads to an updated page that highlights the most important blog posts I ever made
  • “Data science…” [^] leads to all my posts on Data Science (with the first one going right back to 2013!)
  • “The more transient…” [^] leads to the whole shebang (i.e., what used to be the home page here until last year (!))
  • “Welcome” [^] gets you back here.

… In case you are coming here for the first time:

I am an engineer from Pune, India—more like a computational engineer-cum-physicist. These days my focus is on (i) data science, and (ii) foundations of quantum physics.

In Data Science, recently (in April 2020), I achieved a World Rank # 5 on the MNIST problem of image-classification. For more details, see the blog posts here [^] and here [^].

For more about me, including my CV, see here [^].



This blog is in copyright. (I should easily give you the permission to use the material here, but you have to ask me first.)

[23 May 2020]