A short update

An Update:

A issue I had noted in the passing some time in the last couple of months or so (and noted it in my journal but kept aside) has now come to occupy the centre-stage. It sort of qualifies the status noted in the main post below. I mean to say: I must address this issue too, though I believe that it won’t be a show-stopper. (“Show-stopper,” as in the computing sense of the term, not fashion.)

Explaining the issue will take a lot of typing which I want to avoid (due to RSI). But to give you some idea:

The non-linearity I’ve proposed may not be sufficient, but it will be necessary.

I need to look into the sufficiency part. However, I remain quite confident (as confident as in the main post below) about the necessity part.

Related recommended reading (which I found today):

“History of the study of indeterminism in classical mechanics” [^], and references therein. … I’ve just begun checking out the papers and “goodies” by John Norton [^]. I had only cursorily noted the Norton dome a while ago, but now will be reading through it…. Also see: “Do other branches of modern science have interpretations like Quantum Mechanics does?” [^].

[Update made on 2020.10.09 21:50 IST]

1. RSI:

This post is going to be relatively short. The reason is that I am currently experiencing RSI (repetitive strain injury). It’s affecting the wrist of my right hand, also fingers, and at times I can feel it affecting a bit in the shoulder too.

The RSI was in the coming for over a month by now; the signs were definitely there. It had begun becoming unbearable in the last week of last month (September 2020). I still tried to carry on, on a “part-time” basis. But over the last three days or so, all my work on the laptop has pretty much came to a complete halt.

I can still browse/write a bit provided I don’t use the mouse a lot during such a time. But I can’t do any actual work on the laptop. That’s the point.

The design of the laptop has been partly responsible. It has a layout which has the up and down arrow keys compressed within the space of one key. These “half-size” keys happens to be in the bottom-most row of the keyboard. During any serious work, the up-down arrow-keys have to be used a lot. But the location of these two keys on my laptop is such that when you use them, your wrist rubs against the front edge of the laptop, and for this laptop, the front edge is sharp. … It’s an HP laptop, but still, its design happens to have this subtle flaw. In giving it a nice flat-and-slim look, while still leaving some room for the speakers on the front-side and underneath the top-surface  (for a better acoustics), the designers have ended up giving a sharp edge to the “overhang” formed by the top-surface. (Check out the images for the HP-15q-bu series to see exactly what I mean.)

Anyway, I think I will be able to manage tweets and some browsing, but strictly no: typing a lot like writing LaTeX notes, writing Python code, and similar. Not even reading PDF files a lot (because reading them on the laptop involves mouse-scrolling and clicking—the two big no-no’s).

I guess I will have to give my hand a rest for about a week, may be for 10 days. … Going by the past episode of the RSI which I had (back in the Q4 of 2017), this time round, I decided to stop my work at an earlier stage of the RSI, right before it gets even worse and thereby delays the eventual recovery.

2. My research on QM:

As can be gleaned from my last post here, I was working on developing my new approach in 3D, with the description now also including the QM spin. My plan was to take some notes about the mainstream QM. The objective was to learn the textbook/mainstream QM more carefully and in more detail than I had, so far. At the same time, I would be simultaneously checking how my new approach addresses the same issues—at a detailed level. Once this part was over, I would actually begin the simulations with the new approach. That was the plan.

I had progressed to some 75% of the first part (taking notes on the MSQM and simultaneously verifying my new ideas) when the RSI grew too much and brought the entire work to a halt.

However, as an important update, I can let you know that:

I haven’t found anything so far (in 3D, and with the description including the QM spin) which has proved to be a problem for my new approach.

Indeed, I am happy that I took this path of being more comprehensive (3D, and also the spin), rather than working out my approach only in the 1D and without the spin. This way, there is no longer that nagging feeling as to how things are going to pan out eventually in a more general description. (Yes, it was a good idea to work with the spinless particles and only in the 1D for the initial phase. But time had come to grow out of that phase. That’s what I mean.)

All in all, the bottom-line is this:

Notwithstanding the conceptual glitches which I did run into (and which I mentioned a few weeks ago), now, I am even more confident than ever that my new approach should work.

Indeed, I have even figured out a few points that should be especially interesting from a computational simulation viewpoint, especially for the case of two or more interacting particles. I would have liked to see these ideas in action as soon as possible.

It’s just that having the RSI at this juncture implies having to postpone the entire schedule quite a bit.

Ditto, for any Data Science related activities I might have pursued. RSI implies that these have to be postponed too.

Needless to add, I won’t be doing any blogging for quite some time, once again. I might perhaps even take this blog offline for a while, temporarily. Perhaps, also my Twitter account—for the same reason.

Once the RSI subsides, I would rather begin working on QM than coming back here for blogging. If I have taken my Twitter account offline in the meanwhile, I would rather re-activate it first. Blogging would come last.

Alright, that’s it for now. Take care, and bye for a while…

A song I like:

(Hindi) नील गगन पर उडते बादल  (”neel gagan par uDate baadal”)
Singers: Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosale
Music: Ravi
Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan

[Another song that was my favourite when I was some 5 years old. … I recalled it during the recent lock-downs once, and then, it happened to strike me once again more recently (on 23 August 2020, to be precise!). …

Strictly speaking, it’s quite ordinary a song. There are tons of such songs in the Hindi film music, and it’s perfectly OK if you don’t find this song all that impressive. But for me, well, it takes me back to one of the happiest times of my life. …

…Though I didn’t know all the words back then, I distinctly recall that I knew the ठंडा ठंडा पानी (“tHanDaa tHanDaa paanee”) line. I also remember “dancing” to the tune of this song with my friends (jumping, really speaking), shouting aloud on that आ, आ, आऽ (“aa, aa, aaaaa”) part from the refrain …What else do ordinary 5-minus kids do? … In rural India, back then, there were no kindergartens. Kids would directly go to the first standard. (The situation in the rural parts of India mostly remained that way for a couple of decades later on too). So, as 5-minus kids, we were perfectly jobless… The song merely provided a useful touch-point of sorts (Marathi: भोज्या), a mere variation in all kinds of plays that some senior kids taught us and some which we invented…

But cutting back to the present: Frankly speaking, the song may be ordinary, but it also is quite uppish and lively, isn’t it?

PS: A funny coincidence. I checked out the video after running this song, and now, in the video, there [^] I see Sunil Dutt with that disability in his right hand. Oh well!…

But yes, now that I see the video, I must tell you: The locale and the atmosphere in this video is more or less precisely what I would see around as a kid, including the kind of trees there are, the plants and the farms, the smallish river, the sparsely populated areas, the absence of electrical or microwave or cell-phone towers, of tarred roads, etc. Also the complete absence of motorcycles, crowds and plastic bags…

The only part missing from my surroundings back then (when I was 4 or 5) were the small hills of the sort which you see in this video. The hills came in the picture when we moved to a new place, when I was between 5 and 6.

Anyway, I had forgotten to add a link to a good quality audio, and sure enough, here it is [^]. … See if you enjoy the song, and bye for a longer-than-usual time!