A further update. A list of books.


The context is the last post [^]. The update is that I think I have a good clue regarding the conceptual issue/hurdle I had mentioned in it.

Some details:

Over the past few days (since the last post), I thought through the conceptual side of my new approach once again—not quite afresh, but just picking up the threads I had noted earlier but not pursued. The entire thinking was quite a bit leisurely. Indeed, for a good part of two or three days, I found that I was just kindaa relaxing, and still didn’t try to find the energy to prod me back on to the work.

I have been working continuously, on all days, without taking any significant break (say for more than half a day), either on Data Science or on QM, for many months by now—certainly since March of this year, i.e., even before the lock-downs began in India.

I had recalled, earlier this month, the Bell Labs proverb: “Perfection is achieved at the point of collapse” (cf. Stroustrup). I had ignored it too.

But now, I found myself just loitering around the house, or just relaxing on the couch (without TV or newspapers, of course). If thoughts came to me, I didn’t stop them. I just idly watched them, without pursuing them. Even if a point seemed as if I might lose it later, unlike my usual habits, I didn’t scurry to jot them down either. I just told myself: if it’s important enough, I should be sure that I will get it back. Then, hours later, I jotted whatever I recalled. But I still didn’t pick these thoughts up for further scrutiny—didn’t care to look into their premises or implications. Certainly, I didn’t work through them. I also did a bit of “house-keeping” on my machine: I systematically cleaned Anaconda and the MS Code from my machine, and reinstalled them, thinking nothing in particular while going through the motions. … Why, I didn’t even listen to many songs during this time; just downloaded a few, listened to only those few, and that’s about it.

It seems that some time during these “activities” of the 2–3 days of “vacation”, which had come after months of continuous work, I could re-think through what I was doing, and what I should be doing—regarding my new approach.

Slowly, over the last couple of days, I came out of that mindset—the “vacational” mind-set.

The upshot:

The upshot after getting back to “normalcy,” more or less fully, was that I had realized a few things:

1. I need to work out my approach more comprehensively, i.e. in 3D. Following this realization, quickly enough, I derived the scheme (in my head) about it.

2. I cannot—or at least should not—work with the spinless particles. I need to incorporate the QM spin right from the upcoming set of documents.

3. As a consequence both of the above, I realized that I can no longer postpone learning the remaining aspects of the (non-relativistic) MSQM any further. So, I decided that I am going to draw some notes on it. Needless to add, the thinking would proceed on two parallel tracks: Understanding the MSQM and working out (mostly in the head) what it means and implies for my approach.

All the above items of what I should be pursuing were not independent. They rather were an explicit *consequence* of a new clue which had occurred to me in the meanwhile. (It occurred while I was “mindlessly” sipping a cup of *the* tea in the balcony, and then, rather than sitting at the desk, hitting the couch once again!)

Yes, the clue is significant enough.

If this clue works, my development is more or less through.

If this clue does not, then it’s certain that it would be best to close the current QM development effort. (This current spurt of my QM-related work has been going on since May this year, i.e., immediately after I achieved the MNIST World Rank of # 5 officially, and # 4 actually).

So, the above mentioned three points is what I will be working through in the next few days: may be for 10 days or so. I do expect to get to know, right within this time period, which one of the above two options I have to pick up. The clue is definitely that significant.

A list of books:

In the meanwhile, I think I am going to be away from blogging. Perhaps, even tweeting might be less frequent—unless I idly find some neat visualizations/clips/etc. (without wasting my time searching for them).

In the ditto meanwhile, so as to keep you preoccupied, yesterday, I wrote a small document having a list of books which I can recommend. Comments and notes about the list are included right in that document (including the fact that it might get revised any time, that it’s a very tentative list, etc.). I am uploading it here at this blog. Check it out, here [^].

A song I like:

(Hindi) तेरे ख़यालों में हम… (“tere khayalon mein hum”)
Music: Ramlal
Singer: Asha Bhosale
Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

[A well established movie-producer takes a chance on a musician who has been around for a while… one who has aspirations to become a music director, but has not much to show in that role.

The genre of this song, at least, is such that it should “naturally” gone to the number 1 singer. After all, many songs of such genres have gone to her; they all have been hit—and musically, they all are superlative too. On the other hand, such songs isn’t exactly what the “brand” of the number 2 singer is all about, certainly not back then.

But this music director, when given this one opportunity that must have been so precious to him—a rarest opportunity to compose music rather than just playing an instrument in the shadows—still chooses to follow his judgment, and places all his bets on this number 2 singer.

He has a most exceptional tune, a soulful one; she renders it most exceptionally, soulfully.

The song gets greatly appreciated. But somehow, the musician goes back to being a musician; may be he had to—I don’t know. … More than five decades later, the song still continues to occupy its most exalted position in the hearts of those who know.

A bit personal: I happen to have a very distinct, pure, direct, UN-reconstructed kind of a memory of this song en-capturing me when I was, may be 5 years old, perhaps earlier (may be 3.5 or 4 years old, but certainly not earlier than that—though the song was there earlier too). … I don’t have many such memories; but while searching for some other song, this one came up recently, and the memory came back instantaneously. Funny, but my inner-most appreciation of the tune and the rendering doesn’t seem to have changed one bit during all this time….

A good quality audio of the original song is here [^]. Another version is available here [^]; it definitely is a processed version, but the processing doesn’t seem to be bad as such. … Enjoy! ]