A series of posts on a few series of tweets (by me) on (my research on foundations of) QM—2

OK, after a long hiatus (mainly due to viral fever and cough etc.), I am back into the game. This post of course continues from the previous one in this series, i.e., the very last one.

On 18 July 2019 I then posted the next two tweets, now about my new approach (as in the Outline document [^]):

3/4. My new approach is something like: Quanta as Discrete Sets for the States of Fields & Changes in Them. (Hard to form a neat short-form.) I’ve abandoned the idea of the spatially delimited quantum particles—whether photons (Einstein), or others too (Feynman).

4/4. Instead, I have singular potential (V) fields for protons and electrons. These fields are continuous at all points other than their instantaneous positions where they are singular. I also have the ever continuous \Psi as a physically existing attribute / characteristic of the background object. This is quite like how stress / strain are attributes of a continuum.