Apollo 11—my very personal-level reminiscences…

This post is unlike my usual posts. It is not so much technically oriented. It is pretty much in the nature of a lengthy monologue, a very personal-level reminiscing of the times I saw some 50 years ago in India.

Let me emphasize: Even if the title says “Apollo 11”, here I find myself talking more about those times and my experiences of them than the Apollo-11 event itself.

There are too many fine-grained details here which make ample sense to me, but they also are such that most anyone else would find them somewhat exasperating. The narration too isn’t perfect, as usual. So, all in all, the verbiage here might bore you. If you find so, just leave the write-up alone; I will come back with a more regular kind of a post, may be one on Data Science or QM or so, may be sometime next week or so.

I started writing this post in the plain-text, but then decided to convert it into a standalone essay / write-up. Here it is (.PDF, 75.6 kB):  [^].

BTW, on the whole, I find this whole idea very convenient—of writing only a standalone PDF in LaTeX once and for all. No worries about having to maintain multiple formats, of managing equations and diagrams, of noting versions and dates, etc. … So, I plan to adopt this idea on a more regular basis henceforth. … In fact, it might be worth condensing and converting some of my previous posts into LaTeX PDFs too, especially those from the “Less Transient” page. …

Anyway, bye for now and take care…

A song I like:

(Hindi) “rim jhim ke geet saawan gaaye”
Singers: Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi