But I shall not ever do promise…

But I shall not ever do promise that I shall not write a blog-post such as my last one! [^]

A song I like:
I am in a fix. There are two songs, both sung by a Pune-based (and fortunately) little-known lady (also, unfortunately, a caste-Brahmin, going by the surname and all, obviously). I will pick one up at random and continue to run the show in here for now. (As it so happens, the other song, I had already run, though I found it worth repeating too. It’s just that I am not going to repeat it right now.) Here is the one I have in mind for today:

(Marathi) “sunyaa sunyaa mehafilit maajhyaa …”
Lyrics: Suresh Bhat (aided in a small measure, I now gather, by Jabbar Patel, and then, finally, by Shanta Shelke)
Music: Hridaynath Mangeshkar
Singer: Devaki Pandit (as recorded in the Sahyaadri Doordarshan studio).

[Personal comments: Yes, I loved the tune of it, right from the first time I heard it. No, when I first heard it, the lyrics simply didn’t make any sense. (Some of them do, now!). No, for whatever my opinion is worth, Lata’s rendering had always sounded a bit too shrill (or “karkashsha”) to me. … To the point that I had come to slot this song down in my list, always. (Ditto, for the theme of the movie in which it appeared—though not the actress or her acting in this movie.) But when I heard this version (just recently), I then began liking this entire song too.

But speaking of other things, yes, I again got rejected today in a job application. Within minutes. For an MNC (probably an American-owned). By an IIT K-trained (highly junior) guy named Jain. (Not sure about his own competence. Don’t have any idea about it—not even after having gone through his LinkedIn profile.)

So, I am completely jobless, anyway.

Stay tuned for further updates. I shall write. On whatever it is about which I want to write.