Vodaphone Idea—“ekdum phaaltu…” (20 to 60 times lower ‘net connection speeds)

Just that. (The Hindi, Marathi (and perhaps also Gujarathi) colloquial expression “ekdum phaaltu” loosely translates to: “utterly worthless.”)

These people [^][^][^] don’t deliver on what they promise.

The service they promise is: 4G. Which means, the speed is supposed to be about 6.1 Mbps because this is India, even though globally, the speed is about 17 Mbps; see a recent Economic Times story here. [^]

The maximum speed (actual, reported by Ubuntu’s system monitor) for the last 3 days measured at my machine has been: less than 300 k-bits per second. (Yes, that is bits, not bytes.) On an average, it’s more like 100–150 kbps, because the connection is simply absent for more than half of the total connection time.

Thus, the actual speed is 20–60 times less[*] than what they say they deliver in India, and about 60–180 times less as compared to the globally available speed.

But while preparing bills, they do charge for the 4G speeds! This is one Indian rope trick!

The time taken today to login into my wordpress blog site and to begin editing this post was: approximately 10 minutes. (Began loading wordpress’ dashboard at 14:02 IST; it was done loading only by 14:12 IST!).

Bad! Pathetically bad!

Addendum on 2019.01.14 on whether the expressions “X times lower than” or “Y times less than” make for good English or not: check out here [^].

Also, realizing that it’s “Makar Sankrant” today, I have deleted the swear words which had appeared in the first couple of versions of this post. Do get in touch with me if you wish to know what these were. The characterization “ekdum phaaltu” is, however, being retained because it objectively describes the basis for the position which in turn had led to the use of the swear words.

A further addendum on 2019.01.14:

A song I find funny:

(Marathi) “bolaa, amrit bolaa…”
Singer: Jyotsna Bhole
Music: Master Krishnarao
Lyrics:  M. G. Rangnekar

[… BTW, the order of the listing of the credits doesn’t matter here, because I honestly can’t settle down on the question of who really makes it more funny. … You must listen to it in order to believe me. … But to think that this song was “avant garde” or “modern” once upon a time! …Ah!…]



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