An Assault Spurred by an Indian Army Officer (?) on a Civilian Professor

I was assaulted by (what looked like) the assistants of (what looked like) an Indian Army Officer on 15th August 2017 at around 6:35 PM, following a minor argument as to who had the priority for withdrawing money at an ATM. The attack was spurred on and encouraged by the Officer.

The actual assaulters were the assistants, but their boss did first physically blocked my way to the ATM machine and then, after I was done with withdrawing money and thus was out of the ATM cubicle, also shoved his stomach against me. There were threats, followed by some 5–6 kicks and slaps by the driver of his vehicle and his assistant.

The argument prior to the assault might have been captured by the ATM CCTV camera, though I am not sure the words were.

The matter degenerated because I refused to allow me the satisfaction that they actually did have the priority—and the boss didn’t, anyway.

I am not going to register a police complaint, because being an intelligent middle-class Indian, I know what happens to cases such as these.

The grounds for my suspicion that he must have been an Indian Army Officer are:

  1. His car was a black Ambassador, with the registration number [available on request] written in white letters against a black background, with a black cap placed on the central indicator on the bonnet.
  2. All were clean-shaven and sporting short hair.
  3. The boss was wearing white shirt and black slacks, was tall and well-built, must be in his late 30s or early 40s, though I felt for sure that he had his moustache and hair dyed with a black dye
  4. The assistant was wearing a pink shirt; the driver was short and stout and also had a pouch, and was in not the whitest-shade but well-ironed white uniform, also with moustache
  5. The boss was good in English, and showed typical prejudices of the Indian Army (or Indian Government Employee) people. For instance, when I enquired something like: “Now why don’t you finish your business fast so I can withdraw my money,” the first thing he noticed (and indirectly argued about) was “business.” He also said I was using “unparliamentary” words at a time I had said none. Upon his numerous promptings like this, finally, the worst thing I said—not to him, but including in my general comment—was a suppressed: “idiots.”

The incident is past me. It must be. I am an Indian citizen, that’s why. The law of the land is not always objective, and the execution and implementation is even worse. And, Army is powerful. I cannot seek justice.

But I can, and will, talk about it, at an opportune time.

For obvious reasons, there will be no section on a song I like.

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