A Movie I Like(d)

It was:

“A Few Good Men”

Too sorry, it was an American movie, and to subsidiarily note, that it was in English.

For obvious reasons, there will not be the “A Song I Like” section, as usually has been the case for some few years.

I have had something to write about the occupants of the car on the 15th August 2017, i.e. 15th August, popularly aka Independence Day (and in my mind, the Freedom Day), having the Government of India Registration Number: 16 B 1212AE.

Like my enemies [^], almost all of them Indian Army Brats, these Government of India-Granted Authority Idiots had had an association with the Indian Army, or at least English-medium schooling, I suspect. Also with Psychology.

I only wonder what effect the Indian Army produces on the children of its own Personnel (aka Human Resources).

Do they [I mean the Indian Army assholes writing for, say, a Pune daily, whether in English or in Marathi or better still, in Hindi] encourage physically attacking someone while at all times legally protecting themselves?

What prompts an Indian Army Officer to play the game with an ordinary Indian citizen? What prompts his assistants physically to attack an ordinary Indian citizen? and for BOTH (or ALL) of them to get away with the hassle? The Indian Government Subsidized “Raashan” i.e.  ration, esp. of Alcoholic Drinks, always available in the Camp Area?

Do they really digest the fragments of the glass bottle as were the stories told me by my (not so trustworthy, by now I find out) friend who was an Army Brat produced by the Indian Army?

Yours sincerely (and not physically attacking (not of his own volition, and not without provocation, unlike the Indian Army and its Brats (and the culturally associated cohorts like the “convent-educated” easily attacking its own, anyway))),


–Ajit R. Jadhav


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