It’s the age…

An indication of the kind of age that we live in is here [^] (h/t to Roger Schlafly [^]). Go through all the comments, too! (At the time of this writing, there were as many as 35 of them, ending with Lubos Motl’s).

The age has finally caught up with me. I have sent in my application for the post-doc post mentioned in the last post, by email.

A Song I Like:

(Hindi) “duniya yeh duniya, toofan mail…”
Singer: Kanan Devi
Lyricist: Pandit Buddhi Chandra Agrawal `Madhur’ [no, it’s just one  guy]
Music: Kamal Dasgupta Ali [yes, it’s just one guy, once again]

[Yes, I really, really like this song!]

[Special Note: There will be no further updates to this post.]




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