A recommended time sink

[Update added on 2015.09.26 4:15 PM: See the songs-related section]

Since I don’t have any time in hand and since you have all the time in the world do, let me send you to a good time sink: The “Ask a Mathematician / Ask a Physicist” blog, here [^]. Pretty good.

Some time later, when I have a little time in hand, I will go through it and make a noting here about a few posts there which I like or wish to highlight.

I stumbled on it while searching for differences between complex numbers and vectors.

A Song I Like

There is a Marathi song I like, but don’t know—any longer. I mean, I don’t recall the words, or anything else, except for a part of the “mukhaDaa” (i.e. the refrain). The words for this part are:

“ujaaDalee, poorva, ujaaDalee [flute].”

This part of the “mukhaDaa” is sung by a chorus. It must be an old song; I used to hear it while I was in school or college. However, it is not so old as “meLaa sangeet;” it could belong to the times of Sudhir Phadake, Yashwant Deo, Shrinivas Khale, Hridaynath Mangeshkar, et al. Drop me a line if you can locate it. Yes, I tried both the Google search and the “athavanitli gaNi” Web site; it’s not there. If you want, I can upload a humming of that part of the tune which I do remember. … Could the word “ujaaDalee” be different? Yes, that’s possible. Could it possibly have been an ad on radio and not a song? Possible, but not very likely…. So, there.

Update on 2016.09.26, 4:15 PM:

Got it! I got this (above-mentioned) song while searching for another song by Asha Bhosale. I was doing this second search at the “athavanitli gaNi” site, and that’s when serendipity led me to this [above-mentioned] song. The song is:

(Marathi) “ughaDi daar poorva dishaa…”
Music: Datta Davajekar
Singers: Hridaynath Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosale
Lyrics: P. Savalaaraam

OK. So, it turns out that in the “mukhaDaa” (i.e. the refrain), there is no “poorva” at all! It’s just a humming by Hridaynath (and chorus) which somehow sounded like “poorva” to me. (I had always mistaken this humming for the “poorva” word.)

Now, a bit about the other song whose details I was searching. Once again, I remember only a part of the “mukhaDaa” for this second song. It too is sung by “Aashaa Bhosale”…But chances are, I will locate it faster. The thing is, I have heard this second song more than once in the last decade or so, which is in sharp contrast to the above song, which I think I had not at all heard even once over some 3 decades’ time or more.

If I am as tied up as I say in the main post, then how come I find all this time to search through all this big list of songs, you ask?

Well, it so happened that, this morning, I was in a way done with a conceptual problem.

Ok. First things first. As a matter of fact, I have indeed been very busy with the teaching and college work. Our week-ends once again got suspended (for the accreditation-related work), and thus, we have been working for more than 15 days straight, without taking a single day’s break, and in fact with a couple of hours of extra work added per day. (Thus, my day at the college has been beginning at 9 AM and ending at 7 PM, and Saturday and Sunday have been working days.)

But this conceptual problem was interesting too. But I could not work on it, because I didn’t have any time in had. But I could not stop thinking about it either.

So, the only way I could work on it was, more or less, only in the head—just a few scribblings in a pocket diary is all I could manage to have by way of any paper-and-pencil work. (The problem is related to QM, and it is (the way I see it) mainly conceptual in nature, even if maths, of course, would be there.

[If you are really interested about what problem it was, let me put it this way: I have been seeing whether my approach (as spelt out as in my published papers) can still be defended, even after the PDC-photons-related results. In pursuing this line, I took a complete second look at all that I have thought about.]

The first break-through to happen was more or less was on 20th September. …. On most other occasions when I have solved an engaging conceptual problem (or a problem that was challenging to me), there had always been a period of intense work on the same problem preceding any insight. This time round, however, it was different. I was working hard, but not on this problem. There was portion to finish in thermodynamics and operations research. Yet, I slowly made progress also on this QM problem. Further, the progress was not at all dramatic—it was slow and steady, almost like a clerical work. I somehow ended up making a delta progress each day, and much of it occurred during the 2.5 hours spent every day in commuting. Most of it was during the hour spent while going to college in the morning, and almost none of it while returning—I would be too tired in the evening. As a matter of fact, the progress mostly occurred during the early morning 15–20 minutes when I prepared and had my coffee/breakfast, or,  as I said, during these “to” commuting hours. … Typically, once I reached college, I would hurriedly note down the thoughts in a small pocket diary. Then, I would have other things to worry about, and so forget about it all. Reaching home tired at 8:45 PM or so, I would have no energy to review the diary. So, both the review and the new thoughts could occur only the next morning, and at most only for 10–15 minutes. (That was one reason why I was looking for a song with a morning touch to it, when I wrote this post.)

Anyway, while coming to work today, I realized that I had crossed a certain point of completeness about it. So, as soon as I reached college, I jotted down all the thoughts still afresh in the mind.

Tomorrow is the first off day after 15+ days of college-work, and I am more or less done with all my work (this private work as well as the one at college). And so, I now wanted to relax a bit, and so, thought of playing a song (but only in the mind). I could not “get” it. That’s why I launched the browser once again, and did a Google search. I could not locate it. So, I went on the “aathavaNitli gaaNee” site, and started going through the entire list of Asha’s songs there, to locate this second song (which I still haven’t got). Then, somehow, looking at the “poorva” in the middle of the line in this (Asha’s) list [earlier, I had checked the songs that begin with “poorva”] I suspected something and cross-checked. Bingo! I had gotten to the first song, even if not the second!!

(I am going to allow myself a bit of a wine today. Two reasons. First, I need a break. Second, tomorrow, it being the “ananta chaturdashee” day, sale of any liquor (including table wine) would be officially banned, even though unofficially, most every “dancer” participating in the procession will smell like a brewery, and yet, every policeman will ignore every such a smell-emitter. [Correction: They have moved on to the grass, and the drugs these days, I have been told.]… Thus, the ban will affect only me—not the “dancers.” So, as far as I am concerned, it’s best to finish the “business” only today. …

Indeed, to escape from all the high or very high dB noise that goes on throughout the “ananta chaturdashee” night, I was also thinking of driving out of town to some secluded and quiet place. … It’s a bloody freaking irritance—this “visarjana” procession… But then, Monday is not a holiday to us; in fact, we have to work till 7 PM, again…

OK. More, later. Next week-end or later. [The QM thingie will need some maths to be worked out and possibly some quick simulations to be done, before I can write anything about it, even here on the blog. Also, learning a bit more QM than I know now. So, it should be December at the earliest, before I can write anything about it. In the meanwhile, I will also be preparing notes and programs for CFD, and guiding student projects, etc….  So there. Take care and bye for now.]



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