Yo—9: The lost song

[Update on 2015.01.29 appears at the end.]

This will really, really be a Yo post—short and sweet.

As I had mentioned in the “A Song I Like” section of my past blog post of 2009.09.06 [^], there was a certain song whose words I simply could not remember well, and so, I had also failed to locate the song anywhere on the ‘net. (I had asked `n’ number of “songs-knowing” friends, family members, and also acquaintances in general, before doing those extensive Google searches I mentioned in that post.)

Now some five+ years later, I am happy to let you know that I have found the song! … Via a search on the ‘net, of course. [On 2015.01.24, if you must know.]

Locating the song now became possible only thanks to this popular (and impressively extensive) blog maintained by one Atul (and a few pals); the blog is named “Atul’s Bollywood Song A Day” [^]. [Back in 2009, the song had not yet been listed on Atul’s site/blog.]

There are some reasons why I could not get to this song any time earlier (despite very extensive Google searches on several occasions).

First, there is this feature of many old Hindi film songs whereby the song does not begin immediately. Instead, there is this yawningly long spoken “preamble” of sorts at the beginning, which then is followed by a sleep-inducing piece of a “subdued” kind of a music. People with extreme cases of amnesia insomnia[see update at the end] report that this piece is always very efficient in generating pathos of sorts. Here, the music directors of those olden golden days could accomplish their goal by using just a single violin or a flute, they then add. Even then, the song itself still does not show any sign of beginning.  The aforementioned delivery is further followed by a veeeery loooooooong silence. (In some songs, the combination repeats a couple of times or so.)

And then, if any one around is still left awake, he then becomes qualified to listen to the actual song. Which is a very different tune, of course.

The trouble is, it is this latter part which can be quite hummable and likeable.

More to the present point, as a rule, even the words used in that “preamble” have nothing [or almost nothing] to do with the subsequent (Hindi) “mukhaDaa” itself. [For my Western readers: A (Hindi) “mukhaDaa” or a  (Marathi, Sanskrit) “dhrupad” is more or less the same as the refrain in the Western pop songs.]

Now, what Google did was to index this song by its “preamble,” but not by the “mukhaDaa”. … Not their fault, actually. Even back in 2009, there existed a few sites that would tell you which Hindi song is based on what (Hindi, Sanskrit) “raag.” [Such sites are supposedly very useful for instantaneous acquisition of IQ + MQ + EQ.] A couple of these sites had chosen to be very faithful to their tradition, and so, they had done their listing using only the “preamble.” [OK. Drop that IQ part.]

In contrast, Atul, being a layman, did the right thing: in 2012, he listed the song by the “mukhaDaa,” thereby making it possible for me to locate it in my recent search.

Another reason, as I had indicated in my above-mentioned post, was that I had only a vague recollection of the words.

Anyway, let me not stretch your patience any more. On Atul’s blog, the entry for this song can be found here: [^].

[Feel free to check out my earlier post, and then write an ink-blot sort of a psychoanalysis of mine, based on what I had remembered right, what I had forgotten, and what I had distorted. Just one request: do share your psycho-analysis with me. […No, you don’t have to hesitate at all!… I also read newspaper astrology columns.]]

And, if it is not a (Hindi, Sanskrit) “bhairavi,” then please do drop me a line. (And, BTW, should the spelling be “bhairavee,” and not “bhairavi”? In Hindi? in Marathi? in Sanskrit?)

Anyway, hope you like this song.

[Though once again this post has grown a bit too long, at least I managed to keep it restricted to just one section, and at less than 1000 words. Yo!]

[Update on 2015.01.29: Edited the post to substitute “insomnia” in place of “amnesia.”Also, changed the order of the two paragraphs near where I write something about psycho-analysis. Also, cut out some erroneous portion in entirety.

Now, a few words about amnesia and insomnia:

When I first wrote that line, I knew what I wanted was “insomnia” (i.e. sleep deprivation or difficulty to go to sleep) . But I still wrote “amnesia” (forgetfulness). And, while writing the wrong word, I did actually pause and think twice, and even confirmed to myself, what I was writing was the correct word (“amnesia, of course, is sleep deprivation”), even though on the second reading (but only after the final publishing) I myself figure out that what I wrote was wrong…

Why does it always happen with me? I have no idea.

… In my entire primary and secondary school, I never got cent-percent marks in maths. And that wasn’t because I found maths difficult to follow or because I failed to “get” it, but simply because I made so many silly mistakes—before, during and after examinations. I mean, I could easily analyse some difficult sum, find the correct approach to solve it, and then, when it came to an intermediate simplifying step like, say: x + 4 = 6, I would explicitly write it down. But still, right in the next step, I could then easily write: x = -2! I would go on to use this wrong value in all my further steps, in a problem that others wouldn’t even choose to tackle.  Why would I do that—randomly picking up problems to solve, in the process picking up even a more difficult sum, and then introducing silly mistakes in it? I have no idea.

… Neither do I any longer care.

So, as the last word, let me say, I could at least do enough sums write to get through my engineering education, and now, I can at least ex post “publisho” catch my posting errors. … Hey, I must be doing some thing right, right?]



2 thoughts on “Yo—9: The lost song

  1. Hello, this is Atul of the abovementioned Atulsongaday.me. This article got pinged back to my blog and that is how I managed to know about this article. I loved reading about this tale of a five year search and the reasons why you could not locate it earlier. You have just the kind of sense of humour that is required for enjoying life in general and Hindi movie songs in particular. It was wonderful reading this article.

    • Hi Atul,

      Thanks a bunch! First, for your site—as you could easily make out, I have been secretly lurking around there for years by now. And then even more, for your compliments—in my life, well, I receive so few of them!

      But anyway, really, your site is a treasure trove for those hunting for old songs. In fact, some times, even if I do remember a song well, I still go and look it up at your site, just to see what you (or your pals, or your commentators) had to say about it. I always know that what I am going to get at your site would be a straight appreciation—no fancy critical-“britical” review. … Thank you so much for keeping your site that way.



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