The Yo[^] version of this blog is that…

Well, looks like I’ve already (far) exceeded my limit!

Anyway, continuing with the derivative usage of the term, the Yo version of this blog right now is that currently in the recent past I am was thinking of the Taylor series.

Then, I found this one [1]:

f(x) = e^{-1/x^2} for x \neq 0,
f(x) = 0 for x=0.

Try it out. Or, see the reference:

[1] DeVries, Paul L. and Hasbun, Javier E. (2011) “A First Course in Computational Physics, 2/e,” Jones & Bartlett, pp. 51 [^] (An inexpensive Indian edition is available)

Any others you know of?

* * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *

Anyway, gotta to rush back to the teaching part of the academia—the research has been put more or less completely on the back-burner now. … Ok. More, may be some time later.

* * * * *  * * * * *  * * * * *

A Song I Like:
(Marathi) “saanj aali dooratoon…”
Music: Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Singer: Suman Kalyanpur
Lyrics: Shanta Shelke





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