My comments at other blogs—part 3: They don’t like you if…

They don’t like you rate you down if you ask them what they were calculating. That’s the takeaway a month later.

Here, the first “they” refers to the readers [and possibly writers] of the CalTech blog: “Quantum Frontiers”. The second “they” refers to the potential winners of the Fundamental Physics Prize. The term “them” includes both. CalTech, of course, is in California [^].

The prize money, here, is $300 k for the runner-ups. [Or is it runners-up?] Yes, they will get that much money. Not just that, the runner-ups here will get also a separate prize, called the “Physics Frontiers” prize. The topper, however, will get $3 million, and the “Fundamental Physics Prize.” The prizes are sponsored by a Russian [^].

One of the past winners includes an Indian “physicist” who got the prize for the output published while being employed in India: Ashoke Sen  [^]. On receiving the prize, Sen had notably said that he “is happy to pay the tax that is due,” and that “…in theoretical physics one can in principle work from any place as long as one has a computer and internet connection,” and that, for that reason, he does not “find any disadvantage of being in Allahabad” [^].

Padma Bhushan Professor Dr. Ashoke Sen does not, however, write any blog, and so, the question of publicly raising this concern—expressed in the first line of this post—to him, cannot arise, ordinarily. Hence the Californian blog. But, yes, this co-winner of the prize right in its inaugural edition had also said that “Indian science has a bright future” [ibid].

My rated-down [or is it down-rated?] comment is here [^].

At the current rating of -13, mine seems to be the most down-rated comment on that quantum physics frontiers-related blog, at least since the time I began reading it some time ago. From the general impression which I get from my rapid browsing of the comments on that blog, usually, the down-rated comments go down to a rating like -2 or -3 or so, but not into the [negative] double-digits and all, though I could easily be wrong here.

They should call out the worst down-rated comments such as mine on that blog, don’t you think? I mean to say, they should have a feature to properly highlight the comments that were allowed publication even after moderation, but which, subsequently, were rated down the most by their readership. … No, I wouldn’t at all mind if they were also to highlight the comments most up-rated there! … But they could have this feature, couldn’t they? What do you think? If done this way, wouldn’t it be, say, rather symmetric?

And, what do you think of the fact that these days, the “physicists,” or the folks concerned with fundamental “physics” [or at least, the folks concerned with quantum frontiers, whatever that means] un-like/dislike/don’t like you, or rate you down, if you ask them what they were calculating?

Or is it that you, too, think that when it comes to physics, the what isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a matter of concern?

[PS: I usually blog to express my own ideas or viewpoints. In that sense, this post still does not fully represent a resumption of my blogging.]


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