I won’t be blogging for a while

I won’t be blogging for some time, perhaps a long time, in view of: (i) the sheer boredom and frustration arising out of a lack of any job, and (ii) sometimes, those psychic attacks. (Yes, such things are real). Indeed, out of of a lack of values in general.

I could have added at the end of this post that beautiful tune from that English movie, “Dr. Zhivago,” but I have not much energy of the soul left to even do that. Either that song, or some other song. (I could think of some/many, but you see, this or that, does not make too much of a difference. Not much. Not in my current circumstances … Even a good piece of music has to lightly descend in your mind and, in a way, kind of grow in your mind once again in its recall, but all of that happens under a different kind of a mind set. Sometimes, it just is not possible.)

Usually, people write, in this mood, that “hope you understand!”

In this case—I mean of my own life, of what the world has given me—I won’t do that. If people could understand, it would be so simple: first, they would offer me jobs. Preferably in Pune or Mumbai or so.

May be, I will pick it all up—blogging about my ideas and all. I still have a lot of them, but am no longer sure if I would consistently find enough energy to write about them. Not in my current condition.

And, that way, is blogging and all really necessary? I am not so sure.

* * * * *   * * * * *  * * * * *

PS: Guess I should be uploading my prior research papers and PhD thesis one of these days, to arXiv. Guess I could do that. … Oh well. May be.

[Originally published on November 29th at 5:15 AM, but some of it was quite gibberish. Considerably edited and updated on November 29th, 3:30 PM.]


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