Some Interesting Reading (October 2013)

Concerning our series of posts on the concept of space, I have jotted down my thoughts on paper, but not yet made any progress on creating the diagrams to go with them. (Plain laziness.) Hence, the delay in posting it.

In the meanwhile, here are a few links to some reading that I found interesting over the past few days (in no particular order).

1. R. J. Lipton of GeorgiaTech on how “Teaching helps research” [^]

2. Ricardo Heras, “Individualism: The legacy of great physicists,” arXiv:1310.7326 [physics.pop-ph] [^]. Heras is a first year graduate student at University College, London. Check out the Fermi quote at the end of this paper. (And, also, the quote by Max Planck at the opening.)

3. Roger Schlafly puts in one place all the links to his blog posts updating his book “How Einstein Ruined Physics,” [^].

4. Tony Rothman, “Lost in Einstein’s shadows” [^]

5. Physics World, 25th Anniversary Issue, available for free downloads [^] (HT to QuantumFrontiers [^]). This special issue has the magazine’s lists of 5 images, 5 discoveries, 5 questions, 5 spin-offs, and 5 people, that mattered over the last 25 years.

6. Paul G. Kwiat, on what he calls it “interaction-free measurement” [^]. You think it’s mysterious? (LOL!)

And, in place of the usual “A Song I Like” section, yet another link!:

7. Tom Swanson, a physicist himself, offers physicists a horoscope [^]


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