Many Indian academics who won’t hire, will talk nicely, and won’t reply hiring-related emails

I updated my Web site today. I wrote the following on the fly, and then realized that the matter would better fit in the blog, here.

Currently, I am jobless. For the past 8+ months, I have been trying for a job either in academia or in software development, but unsuccessfully.

For jobs in academia, in this summer, I responded to the advertisements from (in no particular order): MIT Pune, Symbiosis Pune, JSPM Pune and VPCOE Baramati. I have not heard further from any one of them.

For jobs in industry, I have been looking for some suitable job in C++ development for the CAE products, esp. one from the field of CFD. However, in view of my recent expulsion from the LinkedIn IIT Alumni group, I expect to be deliberately kept out of a suitable job [of this kind].

Enough to say? Not really.

Here’s something about their respective lack of vis viva that bugs me.

The founder of MIT Pune, Prof. Vishwanath Karad, was a lecturer in COEP when I was an UG student. He was invited to the silver-jubilee get-together of the 1983 batch of COEP. Further, my application was also routed through another PhD student of the late Prof. Kajale’s, who is currently a college principal in the MIT group of institutions, and we are on good personal terms. Despite mentioning all this to MIT office people, including Mr. Mangesh Karad’s  secretary, who all always promise to get back, nothing happens—neither a phone call nor an email, let alone a letter.

JSPM Pune, apparently, was both in need of professors and was being straightforward about it. They had released a newspaper advertisement clearly stating Rs. 1 to 1.3 lakhs/month as salary levels they pay their professors. A few years ago, in fact, I even had a telephonic talk with Mr. Sawant, though I had no PhD in hand back then (2008). Once again, mentioning this to office staff obviously has led nowhere.

Vidya Pratishthaan’s college is special, not just because it’s run by the Pawar family, but also because it happens to be near my grandfather’s native place. You know about the kind of easy personal touch that rural folks usually have, their usual straightforwardness, and the obvious preference they give to people from their locality, all other things being equal. (I tend to believe that in case such as mine, on the basis of merit/achievement alone, all things are emphatically not equal.) Their principal in fact gave me a telephonic call in May/June, to ascertain if I had real interest. After which, I sent him a clarifying email as well as at least 4 reminders. No reply.

As to the Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT). Here, I was a visiting faculty right the last semester. The people (not just two HODs, but even director) had shown a certain level of interest in hiring me, right from the first semester of 2011–12 academic year, when I was still working in industry, with SoftTech/CSC World. However, when the time came to take real decision, communications from SIT simply stopped. Funny, but both the vice-chancellor of Symbiosis university itself, as well as the director of SIT, accepted my LinkedIn invitation. However, there still is no email concerning my hiring.

BTW, I had also applied to VIT Pune. BTW, their founder, Prof. Khadilkar, was not just there in COEP, I actually did a course taught by him. And, having done Purushottam and Firodiya, I think he perhaps used to know me at least by face, at least all the long while back then. Prof. Khadilkar is now completely retired from VIT. However, I managed to talk with their COO, Dr. Sule (going through two separate connections). Once again, a repeat of the show, as usual. That is, no reply. However, in the case of VIT, I am willing to concede a bit. Though my profile, I think, is good and very well fitting, VIT on their own had not released a recruitment ad. I myself had approached them, just to enquire. In Indian haggling terms, I was the one who was in the need. So, may be, their current snobbishness is “justified.” May be. Though, I don’t think so.

What do we do about this all?

Here is an idea.

If you have any influence over them—e.g. if you are a parent of a student who attends these institutes, and if you have a look at my resume [^] or LinkedIn profile [^], (perhaps even read my blogs,) and if you think that I talk sense, then it’s high time that you began asking some questions to people like these. It’s high time you began asking why they won’t hire me—and, hire me immediately. Two points: (i) My bank-savings are nearly all gone (are less than Rs. 15,000), and my credit limit is near choking to the full. (ii) My students have always thought that I talk sense. At the latest course I taught at SIT, I am glad to report, a few students had indicated interest doing their one-year MTech project with me. These included not just the top ranker (with GPA of 3.95) but also the people near the class median/average. As far as I am concerned, that counts somewhere. Or, at least, it ought to.


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