Check Out These Two Pieces + Incidental Things

The position in the last paragraph of the Update to a recent (2012) blog post by the American physicist Dr. Sean Carroll here [^] is, at least on the face of it, remarkably different from the opinions expressed by this same guy concerning QM, entanglement, etc., as reported in the last paragraph in a news report in the ScienceMag here[^] (2008).

The difference in what the reader would take home, is interesting. Dr. Carroll seems to have developed a facility to shuttle effortlessly between different “multiverses” without caring about confinement or coherence, so to speak.

In case you care, do point out to him that I said so. I have no desire to dignify his blog by offering my comments there—in reciprocation of so many things that Americans have done and continue to do, in general, and the curious emphasis that Dr. Carroll now places in his writing, in particular. (Check out also his interaction with Dr. Scott Aaronson at the above-mentioned blog post of his.)

But, while we are at it, if you at all are going to point this post to him, do also point out one of my past posts found here [^] too (duly noting that Dr. Apoorva Patel had his PhD from CalTech, the current employers of Dr. Carroll)

(Where are you, you bastard G. T. Brown, who was found commenting at Prof. Abinandanan’s blog “nanopolitan” recently, here [^]?)

And, while we are at it, further, also check out my recent comments concerning the Prof. C. N. R. Rao plagiarism row, made at “nanopolitan” and “horadecubitus” (the blog of Prof. Rahul Sidhharthan of IMSc, Chennai), in chronological order, here [^], here [^] and here [^].

BTW, if you are an Indian, have a happy National Science Day! It’s been exactly XYZ years (do the maths!) since C. V. Raman announced in 1928 the discovery of the physical effect named after him—the same one which won him a Nobel.

Finally, a reminder, once again: I remain out of a job. CalTechies (and Americans, Indians, etc.) may be itching to make an emotionally satisfying killing by denying any respectability to my research, but, do notice, they are (and have been) doing so while remaining in their jobs, whereas I had gone without any jobs for 6+ years, and even currently remain out of one. The most important take-home message I have for you in this post is that—and I will say it even if it means that I have to postpone marriage if at all possible.

Prospective girls—call them women if you wish—have already begun: (i) abruptly interrupting my talk in the middle of the conversation on a “date” by telling me that they were on the look out for a more stable guy (this particular bitch was an IIT Bombay graduate; she had no qualms asking me to see her even when I had disclosed my financial and health condition in previous 3–4 phone calls with her family); or (ii) simply promising to return my call and never doing so; or (iii) politely postponing seeing me even for the first date. And, they do read my blog—it’s often-times I myself who tells them about my blogging. (They would get to know anyway!) Now, while the heart condition + diabetes which I have already was a huge barrier, some of the girls would at least feign at least something of an initial reciprocation (I mean, even if not an initial interest in almost all cases). That is, until I was in my last job.

But, now, in 2012, even such girls have begun politely postpoing even the first meeting (or as close to first “date” that you can get in the Indian context), I have noticed.

So, it’s been two months of being out of job for me by now (four and a half months to be most accurate, but more on that, later), and it does not feel very nice to be jobless and making no money if I also know all my achievements, and if I consider my age of 5o (running)—esp. when all these American and British and Indian etc. fuckers with jobs are paying attention to my research but not acknowledging it, and if they instead are using their intellect to find every trick in the book to create the grounds to eventually deny any respectability to it. American fuckers! And, British thieves!! (More on this last, later.) And, their Indian friends!!!

[If I feel like it doing so, I may tone down the expletives a bit later on. Or move some material from this post to some other post, or possibly simply delete it. Yet, I will let it all remain as is, in this first version, esp. since it’s the Raman Discovery Day and India’s National Science Day. There is a black sort of a contrast about it all. Black, as in the black humor—not as in the black magic, even if the Americans and British fuckers—or the little dictatorships they protect—most likely are very actively engaged in practising all such things.]

[Update on March 12: I have added the links but left most other content as is.]


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