A Post about Not Posting

That’s my resolution for this year. One that’s kinda hard to keep, right? Or is it to break? You decide…

Anyway, that’s what I am going to do this new year. Not to post. At least, not so frequently. And, whenever (infrequently) I may end up blogging, I now resolve to write shorter posts. No, seriously. The reason is: I am hard-pressed for time. Am already lagging behind my planned study + research schedule. So, I am cutting down on everything: blogs, e-interactions, emails, … why, even browsing and tweeting.

And the time that gets saved—I am going to invest it into my study + research.

So, if you run into something interesting on foundations of quantum physics, or computational science and engineering, or history of physics (say, a paper, a blog-post, course-notes, open-source software, etc.), and if you think it might help me, then do me a favor and drop me a line.

Wow! 2011 is here already! The “1-1-11”!! Happy New Year, once again!!!

* * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *

A Song I Like
(Marathi) “sampale swapn_ te, shodhishee kaa punhaa…”
Singer: Rani Verma
Music: Shridhar–Uday (?)
Lyrics: Shanta Shelke


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