My Current Study and Research Plans. Also, Seeking a Little Research Funding…

0. This again is a post that grew out of my reply [^] to a comment by Arjen Dijksman [^].

So, here is my study + research plan (as of today):

1. Finish reading Whittaker’s “A History of Theories of Aether and Electricity.” Write brief notes (for myself).

After subsequent comment by Arjen, I am also adding Maxwell’s “Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism” as well as his “Matter and Motion.”

2. Finish reading Griffith’s Electrodynamics. No emphasis on solving problems.

3. Then, implement a toy FDTD (simplest problems, but in 3D, just for better understanding—I understand everything better once I make a running program out of it).

4. Possibly at this time, write a paper showing the relation between my approach and EM wave propagation. Use it to simulate light, now also with angular momentum (i.e. a cone in 3D after diffraction).

It would be great if folks at Princeton/Harvard or other places can generate detailed photon detection events data, for empirical comparisons.

In this context, I may mention that I have located the suppliers of the required experimental apparatus, and find that a certain basic version of the apparatus is within a few lakhs of Rupees.

I wonder if I write an email to Vinod Khosla, asking him to gift me this equipment (with a written understanding that as soon as I finish my experimentation, the equipment goes to an IIT or engineering college of his choice for permanent ownership), whether he will honor the request or not.

Mind you, the current photon theory is a product of several Nobel laureates, none of who could resolve those aspects of the quantum wave-particle duality paradox that I have (in my mind, all the aspects). As stated earlier in a separate post, my approach leads to empirically verifiable predictions concerning the transient dynamics of photon propagation. These are new predictions. The proposed experiments will be crucial in determining which theory is right—the existing mainstream theory is right or mine.

Thus, this is definitely a very important and fundamental study, something that someone like Mr. Khosla cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be ashamed of sponsoring. So, there really is something solid here for Mr. Khosla to think about. The total funds required are less than $10,000 or so—not much going by the size of funds he can invest.

Also, if you can suggest anyone else (apart from Mr. Khosla, that is), please drop me a line. Thanks in advance.

(Please, don’t suggest me Bill Gates. Or the Perimeter Institute. Or the Kavli Institute. Etc. This is not about platform-, nation- wars. This is a simple thought. Mr. Khosla is of Indian origin. He has made it big. He funds projects in India. I have been in the Silicon Valley for a few years. I have no comparable connections, or rather, possibilities of connection, with any of the others. It’s as simple as that. So, please keep your suggestions realistic. Thanks.)

5. Soon after finishing reading Griffith (ED), also finish reading a good special relativity text. I do plan to finish Resnick, and also French & Taylor. But these may be too elementary.

If you have any suggestions, drop a line.

I have a definite theoretical idea in mind for the same physics as covered by special relativity. May be write an article detailing it. (Always possible: A simulation to go with it).

6. Finish taking notes of QM books up to the level of (in apparently increasing order of “difficulty”) Scherrer, Liboff, Griffith, and then, Shankar.

I think it might make sense to first finish just one book and then look up others. I am still not sure which one it has to be. I am inclined towards Liboff, but find also Scherrer tempting for the purpose.

I will not be solving all (or even a majority of) problems at this time, though.

7. Immediately after: Write an initial paper detailing theory + simulation for electron diffraction/interference. Provide contrasts to existing theory.

It would be wonderful if detailed empirical data of Tonomura’s experiment can be had for comparison.

I am not going to press Mr. Khosla for funding this part, though. But for the photons experiment, I think, the request would be both reasonable and within Mr. Khosla’s charitable activities budget. [You don’t know me. I would have gone ahead and bought the equipment on my own, except for the fact that I still have debts arising from my 6–7 years of unemployment + the expense for my heart bypass surgery (borne purely through personal loans).]

8. I initially thought that with my day-job commitments and schedule, I could cover up to point 5 here, at most point 6, by this year-end. But Arjen thinks that it is overambitious. On second thoughts, I agree with him.

Anyway, that’s what my plan looks like, as of today. … Someone has said: “plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

* * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *

A Song I Like
(Marathi/Konkani) “ago pori, sambal dariyaalaa toophaan aaayalay bhaari…”
Singers: Pushpaa Pagdhare and Rafi Mohammad
Music: Shrikant Thakare
Lyrics: Vandana Vitankar


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