One More (But Milder) Psychic Attack

Just a brief note that I again received yet another psychic attack today… May be the thousandth in my life, from the same sources, but, with the new “Zero Tolerance” policy that I have come to recently adopt in my life, it was important that this came out in the open.

I believe that it originated not from an avowedly Muslim country such as Pakistan, or an avowedly socialist country such as The Peoples’ Republic of China, but from the United States of America.

The precision was unmistakable.

The degree was about 40 to 50 % of the last attack;  see my post dated March 1, 2010.

The attacks began in 1998, under the white (Democratic) Bill Clinton administration; continued through the white (Republican) G. W. Bush (Junior)’s administration; had a lull immediately after the time of the signing of the Civil Nuclear Deal; and seem to resume under the black (Democratic) Barack Obama administration.

I wish the same to you, Barack. And I know, unlike most Americans since the times of Colonel George Washington, you do not like to be called by your first name. That’s all for today, but…

. . . . .

If these attacks continue, I will get worse. Publicly. That’s a promise.

On other lines, I believe it’s nearing time that I expose folks who, through police complaints and all in the USA, have helped these American dogs (of the abovementioned kind)—provided them the leverage.

Caution: Some of them are–at least were–avowedly Objectivist.

. . . . .

I did have a few things to say before these things began about after the mid night of last night. These are the following.

The good thing: Indian editors coming together against mixing news with… [whatever]. An article in news media by a COEP alumnus. Comments on blogs and the recent happenings….

Some other time, folks!… Unlike Barack, I have already had a bypass—and the origin, I believe, largely belongs to the Americans.

[Yes, they—today’s Americans, esp. their government servants and politicians, esp. their psi forces— are worth spitting at… But I want to spit at them later—in a manner than the spit sticks to their faces—white or black—in a manner fitting to their deeds.]

No songs this time. Not because I can’t think of one of these (I happen to believe that I could easily think of at least one if I were to ever face a firing squad) but because this cybercafe is already closing…

More, later.

And, yes, this is not a matter of April-fooling around.

–Dr. Ajit R. Jadhav

Pune, India

PS: Pronab (or whatever distorted way you Bengalis spell out the simple name: Pranav), when you put on that weird funny gown and cap tomorrow, ask Patangrao/Vishwajit/Dr. Bhalerao (who attended, I have been told, RSS, in his childhood): Why did these Indira Congress folks fail to hire me as a Professor.

PPS: Has Rahul Gandhi/Priyanka’s husband come to develop a heart trouble out of psychic attacks of this nature? … How I would love it if they were to!!


To be updated/edited later on

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