Psychic Attacks on Me—Once Again, Right Today!

I have mentioned oftentimes before, here and elsewhere, that I have been “followed up” in media and have been subject to psychic attacks (yes, specifically those!)

While I had been sensing a bit of psychic follow-ups over the past few days, I ignored it. As is usual, these were accompanied by weird emails and Web-site notifications, esp. from the Times of India group. For example…. Umm… Let me give you the background first. I had created an account with the Times of India venture “,” some time ago. Then, fed up with the weird messages generated by the Times of India management, I had chosen to close the account. However, despite my requests to do so, they never actually closed the account, and kept on sending messages to me. They choose their own wording and timing… After a lull of several months, it was within past two weeks that they once again woke up and sent, given their history, what essentially couldn’t have been anything but, a harassing email reminder.

Anyway, to come back to psychic attacks and all… Today, I received a major psychic attack. … If you are conversant with these things, the areas targeted were: the left side of chest, esp. the heart region, and also, to a certain extent, the stomach region. In the language of “chakra”s and all (which I have read a lot about but find to be far too sloppy and romanticized a description), the attack occurred right on my solar plexus chakra and heart chakra.

If I can suffer such attacks, can I figure out who attacked me? Unfortunately, not.

Who do I think could be behind this attack (as usual, cowardly and dark)? I am afraid I do not know.

Do I have a guesswork? I think not. But let me tell you the possibilities—i.e. my unwillingness to believe and saythat such and such a party simply could not have been the attacker. I believe that the attack could easily have originated from anyone beginning from a “maantrik” employed by some Indian page-3 occupant who, by some turn of “gears,” found himself in an inconvenient spot, to someone from Pakistan, to, also, someone from the USA.

In any case, with my changed policy, I had decided to immediately identify the attack as soon as it occurred…. I have done so using my signature on in the past…. Since I no longer blog there, I decided to state it here.

Needless to add, I would resume my blogging once I find that the attack has subsided. … I have been subjected to these since (at least) July 1998, when I was in the USA, and they have taken a physical toll on me, too…. More on that, some other time… For the time being, I am just going to take rest and not blog—which could very well be the outcome the attackers had desired.

Given its nature, this post won’t have the “Songs I Like” section. And, yes, I think I would revise the contents too, sometime later.

Just one more note: If I don’t know who the attacker(s) is (are), it obviously means that I do not give anyone permission to similarly attack anyone else—that would be at random, and I won’t have any of it.


–Dr. Ajit R. Jadhav

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