My Site: Updated Today

I have updated my Web site:

The version 2.0 of the Web site is still under construction. However, I have added a ballpen sketch and a couple of portraits (all, from my undergraduate COEP days—more than 25 years ago). See here:

Since I am already posting something in the art category, this post won’t have the usual end-section of a few songs that I like…

And, from next post onwards, I have decided to make it a bit flexible. It will be anything from 1 to 5 songs, and further, I am also going to begin using a random number generator so that the selection will be random—unless I state otherwise. … You see, no matter how hard you try, the selections do naturally tend to have a pattern to them. The only solution is to make a fairly comprehensive list of songs and have a program pick a few up”at random” (I mean pseudo random number generators, with time of picking the songs up serving as the user-selected seed)…

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