It’s Dr. Ajit R. Jadhav now!

I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis yesterday.

The presentation got somewhat lengthy; it went on for about 1 hour 15 minutes. (I explained a bit more in detail on the fly, following the audience reactions.) This was followed by a formal Q & A session of about 45 minutes.

My family and friends were among those present for the event. Many of them expressed it to me later on that the Q & A session seemed to them to be a bit more rigorous than what they had expected. However, this had never crossed my own mind during the event. Throughout, I thought that it was alright—this was a Ph.D. defence. (It was the first PhD in our family, including our extended family. Also, the first PhD from our class of B.E. Metallurgy; most of my class-mates have gone into business, management, or software development, rather than into research.)… In any case, not even for one moment during the event did I doubt that the outcome would be anything other than the positive.

But yes, the Q & A session did not slip into a mere formality, and I am happy about that (and grateful to the examiners for that).

All in all, a wonderful event—a unique event of my life!

– – – – –

Three [Four] Songs I Like

1. (Hindi) “arre tune abhi dekhaa nahin, dekhaa hai to jaanaa nahin…”
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music: Rajesh Roshan

2. (Hindi) “ae zindagi gale lagaa le…”
Lyrics: Gulzaar
Singer: Suresh Wadkar
Music: Ilayraja

3. (Marathi): “maajhe jeevan gaane…”
Lyrics: “mangesh paaDgaokar”
Music: “pu. la. deshpaanDe”
Both of the following two renditions of this song:
3.1 Original, in the Indian musical style
Singer: “panDit jitendra abhiSheki”
3.2 Re orchestrated in the Western musical style, in a recent show on TV
Singer: “devaki panDit”

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