My Ph.D. Defence

My Ph.D. Defence

I am pleased to inform you that I will be defending my Ph.D. thesis, formally in mechanical engineering, at COEP, University of Pune, India, on the next Sunday (i.e. 20th September, 2009).

The title of my thesis is: “A New Approach to Computer Modeling and Analysis of Certain Fundamental Field Problems from Engineering Sciences.”

I am attaching the 10 (actually 13) pages long abstract of my thesis for your information [Ajit R Jadhav – Ten Pages Abstract of the PhD Thesis]. The thesis is based on my published articles which may be downloaded from my Web site [here].

If you would like to formally raise some questions on any part of my thesis, to be included during the official defence proceedings, then please leave a message and I will then let you know the email address of the Defence Committee Chairman. You could then submit your questions in complete confidence directly to the Chairman. This being the Internet, I would request you to kindly include your verification information such as your name and affiliation in your message. If this information is not completely available, I may not be able to approve or respond to your messages. I will check messages until Saturday morning (India time).

Thanks in advance

– – – – –

Three Songs I Like

1. (Marathi) “peek_ karapal_ pakshee door deshi gel_…”
Lyrics: “naa. dho. mahanor”
Singer: “ravindra saaThe”
Music: “hrudaynaath mangeshkar”

2. (Hindi) “khushi do ghaDi ki, mile, naa mile…”
Lyrics: A. Irshaad (?)
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music: Kishore Kumar

3. (Hindi): “kaahe ko roye…”
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Singer: S. D. Burman
Music: S. D. Burman

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