Making money, the COEP way!

I have already begun teaching a course on FEM to the third year undergraduate students of mechanical engineering at COEP.

I had applied for a regular faculty post, but was declined one. Reasons are not known officially; whatever information that I do have is being withheld on request.

However, they did allow me to become a Visiting Faculty at COEP.

The course has already commenced. … Already in the second week, with five lectures already delivered, the arrangement doesn’t seem to be getting cut short!

Plus, I am making a sum of Rs. 200/- per lecture. This translates into a princely compensation of US $ 80  (in words: eighty only) max  (not average) per month, or US $  1 K per annum, though the year is not a good time-frame to consider because the money stops flowing in as soon as the course delivery stops around April-end.

That is, today, in the year 2009, in this Shining India, Feel Good India, the India with a 7 to 10 % National growth rate!!

Anyway, the course material can be downloaded, as of today for free, from here. Feel free to drop a line if you spot a mistake or two, or if you have any thoughtful suggestions.

BTW, also see if you want to try a really small quiz problem on basic mechanics (actually, more like college level physics) that I have only today posted at iMechanica here.



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