Congratulations, Dr. Manmohan Singh (and Team)!!

I read on the Internet (e.g. on Times of India) that the NSG has granted the necessary waiver for the US-India nuclear deal to go ahead. This is a piece of good news, and Dr. Singh and his team must be congratulated for all the sustained hard work they have put in. Dr. Singh, in fact, also took a political risk, and needs to be especially applauded for that part.

Yes, technically, the deal might still have to pass a few more steps including in the USA. But given the kind of support it had received in the past, I believe, the deal is now more or less “done.”

As I had mentioned earlier, the BJP squarely stood exposed this time. More on this topic, some other time.

Yes, just the way politicians and ministers (and other responsible people) may expect to receive flak from people like me when things go wrong, they may also look forward to receiving good words from us if they do a good job. Plain and simple.

I didn’t support the deal in exchange for a job; I had made my support for it clear long back. And yet, I would still certainly take this opportunity to urge the PM to educate the Indian IT and engineering industry to give people like me some good jobs or contracts in the fields of CAE and software development for CAE. (I may be “old”, but I am competent—competent enough to beat most of the young anyway.) Dr. Singh might undertake this process of education starting from his council of ministers. (It would be OK if he takes a well-deserved rest for a day or two, and begins only after a couple of days or so, say, on Monday or so… I am not in a hurry—anyone who has waited for 6-7 years can always wait for a weekend or so…) Just the way this deal ought to have gone through, I ought to have gotten good jobs in the CAE field—that’s the point!

And oh yes. There is also that small matter of my PhD defence… And a few more things….

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