India-USA Nuclear Deal

I know a lot of commenting is expected here. But, frankly, whatever that could be said about this issue has already been said, and so, I guess, it would be enough to just state one’s position on the it.

My position is that I support the deal and also hope that it passes through on the Indian side.

There never was any hope from the communists on an issue like this, but I think it was BJP that really got exposed in this whole process. …

I keep telling people that at least on a broad philosophic level, both their politics is not at all unexpected—that it is nothing but two sides of the same coin: intrinsicism, mysticism, collectivism… (I know I must have gotten on the nerves of at least a few folks in each of these two camps now—being told, as they are, that they belong together with the other camp!)

The precipitating cause for my writing of this comment, if any, was Gurcharan Das’s re-appeal which he issued on last Sunday through his Times of India column (though, I must admit, I was in too much of hurry to complete reading his article!!) I had thought that the issue was over already. In any case, it has not been discussed in recent times. Mr. Das’ article reminded me that there still was time… But, frankly, I am not too much interested in this entire aspect. Just wanted to jot down my position, that’s all…

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