Post-Doc Advertised by N Sukumar on iMechanica

I had applied for a post-doc advertised by N Sukumar on iMechanica (see here:

Despite the “feel good” camaraderie that iMechanica members often project, I did not receive any reply from Sukumar to even very simple or basic queries regarding the job such as the following (and I copy paste here):

(i) When will this position start? When will the decision (to hire or otherwise) be announced?

(ii) What is the salary? If negotiable, could you please provide a hint as to its possible range?

(iii) Will you (i.e. UC Davis) do processing for the US Visa? If yes, which visa would it be? J1 or H1B (or some other)?

(iv) What is the duration of this appointment? Would it be renewable?

It may be noted that these are very basic issues of doing any job,  whatsoever. It also may be noted that I had requested him to update the post itself in case replying personally was not possible.

I regret having wasted my time bothering to write an application to N. Sukumar. (And, he is an alumnus of IIT Bombay—some would say, of course!!)

PS: I wouldn’t write this here but for the fact that iMechanica does not permit replying to that particular post (

As to the camaraderie—I (now) observe that most of the posters at iMechanica themselves are moderators of that site anyways!! (In case you had any doubt—no, of course, I am not.)

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