My (Actual) Achievements (Not Just Potential) and Microsoft’s Non-Passion (About Them)

Soon after my comments about Microsoft at iMechanica [in early April 2008] had gone online, two things happened. (i) Bill Gates released an article in Times of India about how he is so much concerned about education and all, all over the world. (I suspect he might have hinted at, if not outright explicitly mentioned, the work done by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation.) (ii) Microsoft Hyderabad released a job ad in Times of India. Now, they were willing at least to accept applications from experienced people, if not actually appoint them. But, the ad also made it crystal clear, that MS expected these people to *get* *further* orders for Microsoft—i.e. that Microsoft was in no mood do acknowledge anything done by anybody for them in the past. It was not enough.

The point to note here is that the advertised MS Hyderabad jobs are with their global delivery (or the projects or the consulting) division—not with Microsoft Research.

In short, this is the idea: MS wants me to get orders for them, get paid in Indian rupees for American work, in the process turning the money that is actually due to me over to Bill Gates, who, in turn, would give (only) a portion of that money in charity to Indian kids, therby making his name big twice: (i) once, by acting big to have generated employment for me, and (ii) by acting big about his (and Melinda Gates’) charity.

That is *smart* on the part of Bill Gates. Also, of course, on the part of Steve Ballmer, and co! And, it sucks!! Not twice, but four times.

The first two times it sucked in a major way were the following: (i) When I was still in the USA in 2001, I publicly complained at (in the first part of 2001) about my not getting any contracts. Microsoft had a significant presence in the Bay Area, but chose not to pay any attention to it, thereby forcing me to have to return to India. (Later on, some of them also chose to make it appear as if my C++ contribution at CodeProject, namely, the CWin32Error class, was no better than the compiler’s “built-in” error handling classes and macros. But that part was, in essence, nothing but making public their ignorance, and so, I don’t really count it under “the things that suck”.) (ii) Microsoft monitored, but did not even release job ads for (let alone invite me to) Microsoft *Research* in Hyderabad, in the period from August 2001 to March 2008.

And, then, the above two *additional* things that suck. (i) Job advertisements that primarily still stress the “Can you sell?” question, thereby stressing the idea that I still have something left to do to make Microsofties richer. Not jobs with Microsoft Research (apparently, reserved only for Americans)… And then, (ii) the articles on Education, Charity…

It all certainly sucks, Steve, Bill…. And it will continue to suck even if you throw a few hundred academic licenses to COEP. Keep *that* in mind….

It all just confirms the conclusions I had drawn about MS at iMechanica—they are not worth doing a good turn to, because, despite possessing the means to do so, they will *not* return  it… If I am wrong, show me how.

(Written on April 10, 2008. Published on April 20, 2008.)

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