The Timing, the Title, and the Opening Line of Walter Williams’ Recentmost Piece at

I have no respect for the timing and the connotations evoked via the opening statement of Walter Williams in this article here: Regardless of whether he is an avowed Objectivist or not. And regardless of what the content itself goes on to describe.

I have sometimes found some aspects of Williams’ grasp of the Objectivist principles to be a bit shakey, at least in some minor ways. But I neither care for him nor for his readership (mostly Americans) enough that I should go through the essays he has written at in the past, and point out precisely where he was being a bit shakey. After all, as far as I know, Ayn Rand Institute gives out prizes of $10,000/- in essay competition but has not, for years, moved a finger to provide moral pressure on to, say, PTC, or Microsoft, to go and hire me. (Perhaps it is a moral issue for them. But if so, why don’t they state so in the open?)

More immediately, note that Williams’ abovementioned writing got published on the Internet only *after* my today’s update at iMechanica was.

If he (and Harry Binswanger as in the past, in 1998, on the Ayn Rand Institute’s Q & A section) and others (and I wouldn’t care even if it were Ayn Rand herself let alone Leonard Peikoff himself—or, to make the matter more practical and/or to take it outside of Objectivists circles, if it was Manmohan Singh and/or Sharad Pawar and/or Sonia Gandhi and/or Lal Advani and/or Prakash Karat and/or…) who are going to insist on choosing words so as to isolate and tease me, they, too, would have been immoral in fact. Harry Binswanger (and many other writers at ARI), in recent years (esp. post May 2006) seem to have learnt to write better as far as this particular aspect is concerned (for reasons best known to them—not me). Who knows, *this* (the apparent stopping of “teasing” me from at ARI) could very well be the reason that the “charge” to carry on the “battle” to keep “teasing” me has now befallen on this particular pair of black shoulders in the media. (I used the word “black” here to make precisely the same emphasis which he himself has used to some effect in another piece of writing in the recent past on

Keep off Walter! Neither the fact of your American-ness nor of any (supposed) Objectivist-ness of yours mean a damn thing to me in the final analysis. If you choose to be nosy and keep getting in my way, you might get hit—by me. (Like the dog who has been so tied near a rail-road that only the nose portion of its nose remains on the rails so that when the train comes, it might pass only over the nose. This, actually, was supposed to be a whimsically eccentric sort of joke that a friend of mine used to tell us when I was an undergraduate student in Pune. It was his cousin’s fantasy, actually. To arrange dogs’ noses in the abovementioned way—noses on the railroad, the rest of the body, “safely” outside of the tracks—simply because, that cousin guy used to hate dogs, and used to “think” that the nose of the dog, as a species, was far too longer than what is “necessary” for an “honest” functioning of the organ. Thus, the idea.) Read the “fun” and forget it, Walter, but do remember the serious thing, and keep off. I mean it.

People from Microsoft (mostly Republicans, in the final analysis) could very well be behind this (I mean “teasing”, which, actually is nothing but harassing by pushing a man into troubles).  And, so could be the democrats from California (e.g. Sun Microsystems). I don’t know, and, far more importantly, I do not care. I do sit here judgment, but do not care to enslave my judgments only for the political or racial benefits of a group of people—especially, Americans. That’s the reason I do not care whether it is democrats or republicans. Its just that I want to tell these “teasing” sort of Americans: Just don’t assume that just because you can buy some talking space on some Internet sites, and buy wholesale our (Indian) politicians and newspapers, (with Russians and communists also buying some of the rest, and further so on for all other groups in India) it means that you can buy *everyone* in India. Some Indians, still, do not have their souls or their integrity on sale. (Griding or no grinding, marriage or no marriage, sextual history on records or otherwise. Got it? Americans? If you have got guts, go a bit further ahead, be exact and open in the attack on me, and let us have some more “fun” if you want. Got it?)

One final point. When I say “Americans,” I do not expect to refer to people like Walter. (This is to cut down in advance the power of a likely argument that I pick fights with good meaning professors with family and lovably high ratings and/or tenures like Dr. Williams.) But yes, if they insist on getting in my way, then, what the hell, they should be included in the term “Americans” too.

Naturally, I do not hate *all* Americans.

I don’t expect to repeat myself.


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  1. I thought Dr. Williams’ article was excellent. We need more of this type of argument. I fear we are being overwhelmed by a younger generation that does not understand that with the Democrats we are going headlong into “solutions” that are nothing more than old style, discredited and unworkable socialist programs. We need less fixing of the economy (which fixes nothing and makes things worse), not “change.” In the past, it was Mussolini and his fascists that were the proponents of “change” and there is no difference between fixing the train schedule, as Mussolini did, and “fixing” the economy. Regulations don’t fix things, they just change things and make things worse. That is what we would have to look forward to if we elect a Democrat; change that makes things worse.

    The best change possible is that fostered by individuals when they are left alone to make rational economic decisions not by government trying to “fix” things. BTW, I don’t think Dr. Williams is considered by anyone knowledgeable of anything to be an Objectivist.

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