I have quite a few things to tell…

My PhD defence at the University of Pune is already over.

I have also received post-doc offers, one from a group at MIT Boston, as well as another one from the University of California, Berkeley. The two offers followed within hours of each other. The jobs are in the computational sciences/engineering areas; the people were impressed by what I did in my PhD as well as my iMechanica writings.

However, the US visa picture is not yet clear. If this continues to be the case, I might actually have to leave both the post-doc offers alone, in which case, I might actually end up joining an “industrial” job instead, one with the parallel processing group at Microsoft Research in Hyderabad, India. They have offered me a group leader’s post, and the perks are pretty good too.

…Keep watching for the update…

Update on April 2, 2008

That was April Fool’s joke. For more details, see my posting at iMechanica: http://iMechanica.org/node/2969. (If they delete it from there, let me know, and I will post my saved copy here.)