Some freewheeling thoughts on JEE, IITians, “Others,” etc.

Attached are some of my free-wheeling thoughts on (i) the supposed superiority of JEE and of IITians (i.e. the people who were so great as to have cracked nothing less than the JEE!), (ii) the “other” (by definition inferior) people coming out of the other engineering colleges, (iii) examinations and their nature, including the board examinations and JEE, etc.

This piece of writing actually began its life as my short reply to Prof. Ravinder Kaur’s article in Times of India about a week back. I liked her article but also thought that there was a bit of a subtle background about it that had to be made explicit. But, my “short” reply kept on growing. Then, rather than edit whatever it was that I had jotted down, I decided to post the whole thing as is.

See if you have patience to go through it (and also retain the points I make in it, once you do finish reading it!!) The points I make are my personal and honest opinions, though the writing is far too loose to be called by any specific name such as essay, article, crtique, etc.

I may change the writing itself later on, but am not likely to change my basic judgments and opinions about the issues I cover here–and they are quite contrary to popular opinions and judgments.

The URL for the article goes to a PDF document at my personal Web site (i.e. not at WordPress site) because WordPress service has been positively bad for uploading files today. The article is here:

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