Things currently going on (an update)…

Currently I am busy doing the following things:

1. Finding a suitable job for myself, in the fields of software development for CAE/computational mechanics/computer graphics/3D imaging…

As a fact of the matter, none from or at an IIT (or even COEP) is, or has been, actively helping me out in any significant sense on this count… If anything, one might ask if there have not been some vicious things (like betrayal) going on at the hands of precisely such people…

Anyways, if you, on the contrary, want to help me out in this respect, do drop me a line or an email… (May be, something more on this, some time later…)

2. Preparing for an upcoming invited talk at a national conference on automobiles. I will be giving a short intro on using PC clusters for higher performance computing.

3. Writing some simple code, in a concept or tutorial style, for topics from computational mechanics, actually, CFD.  I have already began working on it but this is going to take time. I plan to eventually make it available publicly, provided I land a suitable job in the meanwhile.

4. Preparing for a few research papers, to be sent for publication in 2008.

Presuming that my PhD thesis is going to get accepted, I suppose I am now getting ready to break free. I have been, in fact, planning to do so, whether they forward my PhD thesis (submitted more than three months ago) for examination or not, and eventually accept it to grant me a degree or not (i.e. if and when it is bureacratically convenient for them to do so). I am not going to care for their award of the degree to write and send my papers…

Accordingly, this could very well be the first set of papers having me as the single author.

The papers I am planning on are on a few different ideas:

(i) Fast random number generation in hardware, more or less exactly like what they have been doing for years at, but, as done up with my own software (including a bit of special processing as required). So, overall, this paper will be on an idea that is basically not at all mine (for a change). It will be just a paper to report on my experience of doing something in this direction, that’s all. Or, may be, I might add one or two other ideas of other forms of natural sources of randomness, as well.

(ii) A paper touching on some of my independent observations on parallel programming and computer languages (and the related matters). This will be pretty abstract in nature. I will touch upon how languages have thus far evolved, the main paradigm they have adhered to, how the abstract model they follow does not make it easy to program in parallel, and what needs to be done to support parallel processing in a more direct way. The paper, thus, will be touching on the foundations of computer science, and yet, hopefully, it will not be too technical (i.e. concerning itself too much with narrating each and every deductively obtained detail).

(iii) Something in the CAE field, perhaps taking my main thesis of my PhD dissertation forward, or perhaps, something apart from it in the CAE field, say, something in the CFD field, I don’t know…. Let’s see how the work I touched on in point no. 3 above takes shape.

5. Replies at iMechanica are, I know, overdue… Guess, I am just going to write very short versions of my replies one of these days, i.e. provided these Tata Indicom folks (i) deliver on the money they pocket and actually provide the usable form of ISP service, and (ii) do not censor me (the way they have been off and on doing in the recent past, no matter what harm this does to the reputation(s) of other companies of Ratan Tata’s). ….

But yes, it is true, that one of the reasons I cannot so easily reply at iMechanica (or post here) also has to do with the sort of service Tatas provide me.


Apart from it all, there have been quite a few other thought streaks occurring to me, and may be, I will start just jotting them down without caring to expand them into even full paragraphs (let alone articles)… For example, random thoughts that struck me while I was reading other peoples’ comments on this years’ annual question…

Also, I have had a very poor experience while dealing with a rather reputed Indian software development company in the field of CFD, in the recent past. I wanted to write about that too… I do not want to turn it into a flame, I mean, a useless and an unjust flame. I do want it to have an impact but only a proper one. Let me see how best I can do something about this…

All the same, keep watching this space…

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